Special Projects

Since the time that IFE-Tebel Technologies is active on the rolling stock market, there have been projects which extinguish themselves by technical challenges, public representation or historic importance. A short selection of these special projects are:

ICM, pneumatic controlled inter train gangway doors, to allow passengers to pass from one train set to the other coupled train set and which can be closed in case the train is not coupled to restore the stream line of the train.

Currently the ICM trains are undergoing an overhaul program at which unfortunately this door will be set out-of-use due to the very limited usage of the inter train gangway.

Eurotram Strasbourg, this tram designed by Bombardier Derby has challenged us to fit a door system with a door opening of 1700 mm and its mechanism to be placed into the cantrail of 250 mm high by 300 mm dept. This limitation was resulting from the special design to optimize internal dimension and the extreme spatial openness for the passengers.

The reintroduction of the tram as a public transport method has demonstrated to be very successful in Strasbourg and has led to a second series built equipped with IFE-Tebel Technologies doors, this probably also due to the modern and futuristic design of as well the tram stopping places and the trams itself.

ICN frontklappe, a special construction, with numerous similarities with a door system, has been designed to cover the automatic coupling when not in use, this to optimize the streamline of the train. This ‘frontklappe’ is fully pneumatic operated and has the over center locking principle in as well the cover present position as in the cover retracted position which requires results into a minimum of handling to make the coupler available and locks the cover safely in both positions.