Plug Sliding Doors Pneumatic

Principle operation pneumatic Plug Swing Sliding door

The principle of the Plug Swing Sliding door is that the door opens by means of plugging out of the portal followed by a sliding movement alongside the car body. The plugging is realized by the rotation of the door pillars (A) which pushes out the telescope (B) on which the door leaves (C) are mounted, at the bottom an arm with roller into a guiding rail on the door leaf and on the top a coupling rod (D) in combination with a roller car (E) at which the telescope is connected to.

The rotation of the door pillars are initiated by the pneumatic cylinder (F) in combination with the “Scotch Yoke” mechanism (G) and the linkage (H) between those. The cylinder is kept in the “over centre” position in the door closed position, realizing the mechanical locking of the of the door, also in case the air pressure to the cylinder is lost.

As soon as the door is plugged-out the sliding movement is realized by means of the gear rack (I) in combination with the gear on the primary pulley (J) ,pulleys (K) and belts (L, M). The telescope belt (M) also functions as a synchronization of both the door leaves.

This door system can have as well a double leaf as a single leaf configuration.


Principle operation pneumatic Plug Swing Sliding door