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Auxiliary Components

Also in relation to auxiliary components, which are more or less related to the door systems, IFE-Tebel Technologies has developed components to reflect the application requirements. In many cases while available components could not meet the requirements or existing suppliers seized the continuation of support of these items.

Some examples of these items are:

  • Emergency egress handles
  • Emergency access handles
  • Door latch / handle
  • Electronic Door Control Unit’s (EDCU) *
  • Relais Door Control Unit’s
  • Push-buttons
  • Indicators (Door Out Of Order)
  • Isolation switches (also mechanically linked)
  • Typhoon pedal unit
  • Door operation panels

All above mentioned products are robust, high quality and fully compliant with the required functionality, specifications and railway norms, and also in harmony with the train design.

* In cooperation with the company Wilee Techniek