Spare Parts

The spare parts supplied by IFE-Tebel Technologies distinct themselves by the fact that they are always OE-parts, of a high quality and a proven applicability. And this guarantees the best possible performance of the door systems during it’s complete lifetime.

With all the design information available of the systems supplied in the past, and a 95% of own parts a very high deliverability of the original used components is guaranteed. IFE-Tebel Technologies has also assured deliverability of most of the parts from third parties by means of long term agreements on design support, production capabilities and spare parts supply. In the unlikely event that a spare part has become obsolete, IFE-Tebel Technologies is able to offer an alternative, this again based on the availability of the design information and experience. Furthermore we are able to offer the spare part management for the door systems on the vehicles, to assure availability of spare parts on demand, with parts, sub-assemblies and (pre-assembled) components on stock.