Overhaul and Repair

One of the main activities of IFE-Tebel Technologies is the Overhaul of door systems, or components thereof, to extend the usage of these items for years of uncomplicated revenue service till the next overhaul term. Simultaneously modifications, improvements and upgrades can be implemented to comply with the latest norms and wishes. Next to our own products IFE-Tebel Technologies will also overhaul other brand door systems, as IFE-Tebel Technologies is the specialized organization within the IFE-group for this activity it is without saying that overhaul of door systems from IFE and Kiekert are also part of our scope.

Despite the fact that the supplied products are of the highest quality, repairs might still be required. IFE-Tebel Technologies is able to supply and repair all the products supplied over it’s complete existence, however in the exceptional cases that repair is not possible anymore and replacements not available, an alternative will be designed and proposed.

In all these cases IFE-Tebel Technologies is the best partner, due to our access to the original -design data, -drawings and -specifications combined with the experience and knowledge of the products, which reflects into accurate deliveries, excellent quality and the highest reliability.