Maintenance & Modifications


The availability of a door system is also depending to the preventive and corrective maintenance, referring to the preventive maintenance, most effort is directed to safety related inspections. In relation to the corrective maintenance most time is spend in fault finding, when this is not done correctly the train will return from revenue service again with the same ‘failure’. Therefore maintenance has to be performed by trained and skilled personnel to assure a safe and reliable door systems.

Therefore IFE-Tebel Technologies offers:

  • Maintenance trainings
  • ON Train Maintenance
  • ON & OFF Train Maintenance
  • Maintenance Inspections
  • Life Time Maintenance


Over a period of years certain component can present themselves as not the ultimate design quality, therefore IFE-Tebel Technologies is very interested in the experiences of the maintenance personnel, and we can offer to investigate and redesign certain aspects / weak points of existing door systems design, and also for components which have become obsolete. IFE-Tebel Technologies has also the technology to modify / upgrade existing door systems with the latest level of obstruction detection systems. Furthermore IFE-Tebel Technologies has the knowledge and experience to upgrade existing pneumatic door drives to the latest state of technology or to replace these door drives for an electrical version.