Innovation & Development

The innovations in the field of rail traffic are the response to customer's demands concerning globalization, urbanization, energy efficiency, safety and economy.


Reliability in extreme cold and hot conditions


  • All-electric access systems by IFE: reliable access systems for fast, safe and disabled friendly access and egress, even in crowded urban stations
  • Platform screen doors with media walls: platform doors for both the safe boarding and egress from metro trains plus the option of the provision of targeted travel information, entertainment and advertising through media wall
  • Air conditioning systems

Energy efficiency

LEADER: reduction of fuel costs and CO2 emissions as a result of foresighted driving...more


  • EDT101: effective protection against the serious consequences of the derailment of goods wagons …more
  • Modular control systems for Electromagnetic Rail Brakes (MMBC): further functions such as automatic brake testing, heating and reduction in braking jolt
  • EP2002: highly integrated award winning distributed braking control system
  • EP Compact: intelligent braking control with UIC compatibility


  • Air conditioning units with Air Purification System: more comfort for the passengers due to active air purification
  • Oil-free compressors: more environmentally friendly compressors with low life-cycle cost
  • Knorr-Bremse participates in standardization committees and projects in order to increase the effectiveness of rail systems. Projects such as MODURBAN demonstrate: synergies between railway players lead to innovations and economical solutions for railway systems …more